• MUD ARCHITECTURE WORKSHOP by Team Shunya (12th ,13th & 14th January 2018)

Mr. Darshan Joshi and Ar. Yogesh Kurhade from ‘Team Shunya’ conducted ‘MUD ARCHITECTURE WORKSHOP’ for students of ICAD. Students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year participated in the workshop. The workshop aimed at introduction to mud architecture, learning about tools and skill development in earth construction, learning in a group and sharing experiences. Teams consisting of students from all three batches worked on various aspects of mud architecture. Principal Prof. Swapnil Sheth along with faculty members Prof. Harshad Mehendale, Prof. Prateek Dandare, Prof. Navnath Kshirsagar, Prof. Bhavana Chinchawade, Prof. Tejas Joshi and Prof. Tanvi Saraf accompanied the students and had active participation in the workshop. Combined efforts of students, ICAD faculty members and support staff and Team Shunya made it possible to erect a beautiful structure in a short duration, making the workshop a huge success.

      • Brick Construction Workshop by Vikas Shimpi Sir’ (10th & 11th November, 2017)

Two day ‘Brick Construction Workshop’ by Vikas Shimpi Sir was organised by ICAD for 1st year students. The workshop helped the students understand the process of brick construction in a better way as they could build various structures such as foundations, walls, arches, domes etc. themselves. The workshop helped the students understand the minor details, problems that can occur in brick construction and also feel the volume of the built form.

          • BAMBOO KRAFT WORKSHOP’ (21, 22 July, 2017)

‘BAMBOO KRAFT WORKSHOP’ was conducted by Ar. Sayali Andhare and team for the students of ICAD. The workshop was aimed to introduce students to Bamboo as a material and its endless applications right from creating artifacts, furniture elements to complex strutures like the ‘Hyperbolic Paraboloid Pavilion’. The students got hands on experience of actually working with the material and crated amazing spaces which will add to the beauty of the campus.

          • Opening Minds to Universal Design Thinking workshop (23, 24 June, 2017)

‘OPENING MINDS TO UNIVERSAL DESIGN THINKING’ workshop was conducted by Ar. Abhijeet Murugkar and his team for the Students of ICAD. The workshop was aimed to sensitize the students about the problems faced by people with different abilities in the society. It was an eye-opening experience for the students, achieved through stimulation in which they actually experienced and observed the problems through Role-Play. In the last session student teams were engaged into intense brainstorming and innovative thinking for designing enabling environments that best suit the needs and abilities of different types of user groups.

          • Clay Modelling (12 September 2015)

For the subject Humanities students created various models in clay. They used clay as a medium to express their ideas and to understand the concepts of proportion.

          • KanchanJunga Model Making (21 August 2015)

‘Build your own KanchanJunga’ was the theme of model making project for the subject – Introduction to architecture. Students built their own skyscraper in this workshop.

          • Bricks workshop (16 August 2015)

As a part of the subject “Building Technology and Materials I”, students explored building with bricks using various brick bonds. This workshop gave them an insight into the different methods of handling building materials.

          • Mask Making workshop (31 July 2015)

The induction day concluded with a workshop conducted by Ar. Mayuresh Shirolkar. Students had to prepare mask for each other in pairs with Plaster of Paris and later, paint them. This exercise served as an interesting ice breaking session for the students.

          • Theatre workshop by Ar. Mayuresh Shirolkar (31 July 2015)

The theater workshop conducted by Ar.Mayuresh Shirolkar was a process for the evolution and understanding of design, through the unusual way of a series of interactive exercises in self-expression.