Guest Lectures/ Visits

  • Dr. Laura Spinadel (20th June 2016)

Guest lecture at Chandrashekhar Auditorium, IUCAA, Pune by celebrated Architect and Master Planner, Dr. Laura Spinadel.

  • Mr. Vikram Potdar (12 March 2106)

Vikram Potdar shared glimpses of his photographic journey to the polar regions of earth, his experiences during this travel and importance of photography as a visual art.

  • Ar. Sushma Deodhar (12 March 2016)

Ar. Sushma Deodhar, who has been one of the leading women professionals in the field of real estate, shared her experiences with students.

  • Ar. Jayant Sathe (8 March 2016)

Ar. Jayant Sathe, with vast experience of about 40 years in the field of architecture, shared his experiences and views with students at ICAD.

  • Prof. Chetan Wakalkar’s Lecture On Lateral Thinking (1 February 2016)

Prof. Chetan Wakalkar explained the importance of lateral thinking as a design approach and problem solving technique through an interesting quiz session. He also introduced other concepts useful for problem solving such as mind mapping and brainstorming.

  • Ar. Mihir Bedekar, Ahmedabad (9 January 2016)

Ar. Mihir Bedekar who works in collaboration with a French architect, had an interactive session with students about his work and experiences in architecture. He emphasized the significance of travel, sketching and photography in architecture.

  • Ar. Anand Iyer, Pune (22 November 2015)

Ar. Anand Iyer from Brick College of Architecture had an interactive session with the students where he shared his thoughts on ideologies in architectural education.

  • Ar. Het Dawda, Dubai (2 November 2015)

Ar. Het Dawda who works in Dubai, talked about his experiences and memories as a student of architecture and his transition from being a student to a practitioner.

  • Ar. Sabu Francis, New Delhi (26 September 2015)

Ar.Sabu Francis conducted a workshop on “Creativity, Music and Architecture” and shared his views on the harmony that exists between music and architecture. He struck the right note with students who enjoyed this interaction.

  • Ar. Radesh Muku, New Delhi (22 September 2015)

Ar. Radesh Muku, a practioner of sustainable architecture, discussed the varied aspects related to sustainable architecture.

  • Ar. Avneet Singh Puri ,New Delhi (16 September 2015)

Ar. Avneet Singh Puri, who works on projects in hospitality visited ICAD and shared his experiences about his projects.

  • Ar. Girish Doshi, Pune (6 July 2015)

Ar. Girish Doshi, a noted architect and academician, visited ICAD and interacted with the faculty.