Chairperson’s Message

Dr. Tarita Shankar, Chairperson, IGI

The first year of operations of ICAD has been truly momentous, with the college making a mark in the world of Design and Architecture Education.  This comes as no surprise to those who know the Indira Group of Institutes and its commitment to quality education. And Architecture is now holding center stage for the country, as the true catalyst of growth and prosperity. As the need for infrastructure grows, it is the qualified Architects who will design the India of the future and provide the base for it to occupy the focal point of the world’s attention. And as the world follows India it will again be the Architects who will guide it in making its infrastructure the mover of its economy.

The need for qualified Architects has been underlined by the Union Budget for 2016-17 presented by the Hon Finance Minister this year and the enormous emphasis that has been laid by the Government on basic infra projects once again speaks of the value attached to this important factor of growth. ICAD will surely be at the forefront of the best in education in this regard, as we commit to ensure that the brilliance of Indira Group of Institutes as seen in all our affiliated Institutes, to this venerable institution. ICAD promises to be the signature organization that will create Design and Architecture professionals with its high tech pedagogy coupled with the best in industry linkage, and faculty that are the pick of the industry to ensure our vision of providing the best architecture and design talent is realized at the earliest. Equipped with state of the art facilities like 21st century design studios, advanced computer lab and equipment etc., ICAD promises to be one of a kind in Western India and is proud to take the initiative once again to take India to the next level in the race to superpower status. Welcome to an emerging world of Classy, Ecofriendly and Sustainable Design Culture.

ICAD promises an environment conducive to the academic pursuit of Design and Architecture studies through its 21st century labs, studios, hostel and library hosted by it. Welcome to an iconic Institution that you will be proud of belonging to for years as your alma mater!

Dr. Tarita Shankar