Advisory Board

Architecture has the Potential to change the economic face of a region. Promotion of trained architects will benefit the society directly or indirectly as they are the contributor to Architecture Mission 2030. The advisory board constitutes of leaders and influential personalities in the field and related organizations defining trends in Architecture.

Aditee Vaidya

Chief Architect Visual Venture, Mumbai.

Avinash Nawathe

Chief Architect at Avinash Nawathe Architects, Pune.

Dr. I. P. Sonar

Associate Prof. College of Engineering, Pune

Kiran Kalamdani

Architect, Urban Designer, Conservation Expert, Partner at ‘Kimaya’, Pune

Ramchandra Gohad

Ex Deputy Director Town Planning Department, Pune.

Rajeev Jalnapurkar

CEO of Ramoji City, Hyderabad.

Rajiv Raje

Architect Planner, Pune

Sabu Francis

Founder, CEO/CTO at Syncspace Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.

V. W. Deshpande

Ex Director of Town Planning, GoM, Urban Planning Consultant, Mumbai

Varsha Mahajan

Director at Kalpak Designer, Pune