Overview of Architecture Program

The course focuses to develop the design ability, impart knowledge about various aspects of architecture and develop various skill sets.

Salient features of the course

To bridge the gap between learning Basic Design and its application in Architectural Design, a comprehensive subject titled as “Design” is introduced where in there is simultaneous and synchronized learning of basic design and architectural design fundamentals in the first two years of the course.

  • “Introduction to Architecture” a one semester (first semester) course would give an overview of the discipline of architecture as well as the structure of five-year course.
  • “Humanities” as a separate subject is introduced to enable the understanding of human culture, society and civilizations and prepare a base for learning the history of architecture in the later semesters. The subject should be taught from the perspective of architecture.
  • “Urban Studies” in the fourth year (both the semesters) is a comprehensive subject integrating urban planning, urban design, architectural conservation & byelaws. An introduction to building economics is also included in the course content.
  • “Research in Architecture-I” would introduce the students to the research methodology and research methods while in “Research in Architecture-II” the students would undertake a research project to employ the knowledge they gained in the first leg of this subject.

The five-year course merges a hands-on Internship with an Architectural firm in the seventh semester before the Thesis, which enables the students for the requisite industrial experience.